Mark is an American artist born in Upstate NY.

As practicing artist, he recently completed his MFA in the University at Buffalo's Visual Studies and Emerging Practices program. Earlier he had received his undergraduate degree from Alfred University in 1996 and spent several years studying at the Rochester Institute of Technology's School of the American Craftsman.
While at UB, Mark studied with Steve Kurtz of the Critical Art Ensamble (CAE), Bio-artist Paul Vanouse, interactive artist Stephanie Rothenberg, fine artist and currator Joan Linder, conceptual artist and sublime punk rocker Gary Nickard, reknowned sculptor Reinhard Reitzenstein, performance artist and painter George Hughs, graphic novelist John Jennings and typographical sculptor Ben Van Dyke.

Mark's artworks have been shown through-out the United States, his art and writings have been published in Leonardo Magazine, and Big, Red and Shiny, and his documentary works have been published world wide. The artist has also recieved complimentary reviews from the Boston Globe.